Well, well, well.... It has, yet again, been a few days... I have made the official jump from phase I to phase II! So now I am in it for the long haul... So far so good! I am enjoying the many different and healthy foods. Raw red peppers! I love! Who would have thought!?! I have kept up on the grocery shopping, and I am also enjoying the preparation part of things as well. I really want to exercise more then I actually have been - which for the moment I will take as a good thing. The weather is too cold and snowy to take the dogs out much, and I run out of hours in the day to get over to the rec as much as I would like. Alas, there's always room for improvement! I think I will be really challenged, the busier I get. I find when I am tired or stressed, I just don't have what it takes....
I am toying with the idea of only weighing myself once a week, so as not the get too discouraged with what appears as slow progress, instead focus on the healthy habits...

Breakfast: toast with scrambled eggs and half a pear
lunch: leftover wheat penne with chicken and peppers, V-8 juice
dinner: Subway chicken bacon ranch wrap

Breakfast: string cheese and tomato
lunch: leftover steak with bell peppers, onions, and tomato
snack: tomato
dinner: fiesta chicken with broccoli

Breakfast: cottage cheese, garlic dill pickles
Snack: string cheese
Lunch: deer burger with onions, provolone, and lots and lots of tomatoes!
Snack:string cheese
Dinner: steak with sauteed bell peppers and onions

edited to add: I also went to a water aerobics class... SO MUCH FUN!! And an awesome workout! I am so going back next week!

Breakfast: totally skipped it!
Lunch: turkey wraps with mozzarella, leftover broccoli
snack: string cheese
dinner: grilled veggies with portobello mushrooms, boiled artichoke, and Greek style grilled tilapi

Exercise: 15 minutes on the elliptical machine! 15 minutes on a bike! The best part: I watched Oprah the entire time!

Breakfast: cottage cheese and tomato
snack: string cheese
lunch: double whopper from Burger King(minus the bread)
Dinner: roast with garlic onion broccoli

Breakfast: jeesh... I skipped it again! The weekends totally screw up my breakfast routine, and considering that's the hardest meal for me anyway... ugh!
Lunch: turkey wraps with mozzarella, French cut style greenbeans, and a diet coke
Snack: string cheese
Dinner: lemon pepper porkchops,broccoli, and greenbeans

Well, I haven't kept updated on my daily diets, but that doesn't mean that I have fallen off the bandwagon!!
I have maintained my dieting goals, just haven't lost the expected weight... Well, not yet at least. I am trying not to get to caught up with number on a scale, still... It would be a nice incentive. I went to the rec last night, and worked on a machine for awhile. I am very proud of myself and haven't lost a bit of motivation yet!! WOOHOO!
The dogs and I have also enjoyed a few migrations... But not today, it was ICY cold... Belle is keeping up on her figure too, and takes a daily (just about) treadmill jaunt. I am a little self-conscious of my first lap swim, so I am trying to cajole a friend in to going with me. I plan to take the plunge next week sometime...
Tonight we are having grilled tilapia, yummy yum!
Until next time, I am leaving you beautiful pictures of our tasty ranch burgers with asparagus and all the fixings!!

Breakfast: two scrambled eggs, 1 tomato
snack: string cheese
lunch: half can of green beans, tuna, with a little mayo
snack: string cheese
dinner: seasoned ground deer salad with fresh peppers and egg
dessert: popsicle

breakfast: cottage cheese, tomato
snack: string cheese
lunch: leftover steak and onions, half can of asparagus
snack: opps...
dinner: grilled chicken salad

Breakfast: cottage cheese and pickles
snack: opps...
lunch: salad with tomato, two radishes, chicken breast and vinaigrette dressing
snack: string cheese
dinner: sashimi with seaweed salad and

breakfast: two scrambled eggs, two tomatoes, diet coke
morning snack: string cheese
lunch: salad with roast beef, cheese and vinaigrette dressing
afternoon snack: tomato
dinner: steak with sauteed onions and bell peppers

I am considering posting pictures of my journey. Either way I will be photo chronicling the experience.
I am not certainly not proud of my flab, but am far from embarrassed either.
I just worry that it would be weird, seeing as the majority of any readers I have are family.
I don't know, what do you guys think? Weird to see pictures of my fat melt away, or kind of cool?
I need to do whatever it takes to keep myself motivated... We shall see if that entails posting belly shots for all of internet land to view...
We shall see.

Mondays: OFF
Tuesdays 5:45-6:30: group water aerobics +/- lap swimming
Wednesdays 7:00 - 8:00 AM: powerwalk with dogs
Thursdays 8:00-8:55 PM: BOSU group fitness
Fridays: OFF
Saturdays 8:00 - 9:00 AM: powerwalk with dogs
Sundays: OFF

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, 1 tomato
morning snack: string cheese
lunch: turkey rolls with cheese, pickles, low-fat cottage cheese
afternoon snack: string cheese
dinner: lemon chicken breast, sauteed asparagus, two tomatoes
dessert: non-sugar cream saver

I was 110 pounds when I started dating my husband. It said so on my driver license, and we all know that makes it not only true but legal!
I ate junk mostly.
Sometimes I would eat a lot, other times not so much.
I have never been an incredibly picky eater, but deep fat fried delights and chocolate covered anything have always made up a substantial part of my diet.
I never exercised and never cared.
Then I got married. Well, I suppose it wasn't THAT simple...
How about this: Then I started taking birth control... I suppose it's not as simple as that either...
6 months into my marriage I weighed in at 155 pounds. It was at this point that I changed birth control methods, and managed to curb any further gain.
But any way you look at it, my body, my metabolism, my lifestyle had changed.
I still eat junk. Rarely exercise. The difference now, is that I care.
I'm ready to accept the change in my reality, and am ready to deal with it.
I am ready to change myself and my style. For the rest of my life.
I want to be healthy for my children and my children's children. I want to change the way I eat, what I eat, when I eat. I want to change how I look, but most importantly I want to change me. I want to be a wiser, humbler, healthier person.
Today marks the first day in my plan for health and freedom.
I start the process of re-training myself, re-shaping myself, and ultimately inspiring myself - now and forever!