I have found myself inadvertently in phase three. Don't get me wrong, I haven't fallen off the wagon, I am still regularly eating my veggies, and am aware of my portions, and I am eating three meals a day. Its just that I have been eating more un-whole wheats and potatoes then phase two allows. Not surprisingly, I have stalled in the weight loss, though I haven't gained more *(which ensures that I am appropriately a phase three-er and not where I was before this whole challenge). That being said, I don't want to quit now. I would still like to lose more. So, I am trying to regroup and get back to a stricter phase two meal plan. Whole wheats, no sweet-sweet fruits, no added sugars, and no potatoes. It's the hardest when people offer me food. I feel awful turning them down, and blaming it on a diet seems so rude and weak to me. But once I give in, even just a little, I tend to go further than I would like, and before I know it I'm in phase three. So here I go again! Round two!

(look! we are skinnier!)

I have a bruise on my tush from rollerblading, a big bruise... I biffed it in front of four cars. My trusty horse stood strong while I climbed up on her to get back to my feet. I love my horse, she loved rollerblading, but all the same, I may need to find another exercise activity. Butt bruises hurt!

Thanksgiving 2006... progress is good :)

Roller skating? As physical activity? Let's just say I am sufficiently pooped... That and I can't get 'Achey Breaky Heart' out of my head!

Well, well, well.... It has, yet again, been a few days... I have made the official jump from phase I to phase II! So now I am in it for the long haul... So far so good! I am enjoying the many different and healthy foods. Raw red peppers! I love! Who would have thought!?! I have kept up on the grocery shopping, and I am also enjoying the preparation part of things as well. I really want to exercise more then I actually have been - which for the moment I will take as a good thing. The weather is too cold and snowy to take the dogs out much, and I run out of hours in the day to get over to the rec as much as I would like. Alas, there's always room for improvement! I think I will be really challenged, the busier I get. I find when I am tired or stressed, I just don't have what it takes....
I am toying with the idea of only weighing myself once a week, so as not the get too discouraged with what appears as slow progress, instead focus on the healthy habits...

Breakfast: toast with scrambled eggs and half a pear
lunch: leftover wheat penne with chicken and peppers, V-8 juice
dinner: Subway chicken bacon ranch wrap